• Abhi Sivasailam

    Abhi Sivasailam

    Growth/Analytics@Flexport Founder@TwoStatesConsulting. Formerly Growth/Analytics @Keap @Honeybook @Accenture

  • Nitin Mehta

    Nitin Mehta

  • suresh saud

    suresh saud

    hello fhirend

  • sunny shi

    sunny shi

  • Seriously


    Building mobile games designed to be developed into entertainment properties.

  • Vijay Veera

    Vijay Veera

    Family guy + Entrepreneur. Lives on expresso shots of perseverance.

  • Corentin Scarcez

    Corentin Scarcez

    Impact Venture Capitalist located in Brussels ; circular advocate ; strive to understand ; part-time triathlete

  • Gautam Garg

    Gautam Garg

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